The Founder of Hoi Tin Tong, Mr. Ng Yiu Ming, in his youth years started off a business "Hoi Tin Ye Mei" selling turtles and wild animals for medicinal purposes and studied Chinese Traditional Medicine and Herbs. Through years of experience he has mastered the knowledge of applying different turtles and herbs to Chinese traditional medicine.

Mr. Ng's mother weighed less than 100 pounds during sickness, but after taking Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly consecutively for quite a period of time, her health has improved dramatically and she can eat normally with her weight getting back to about 140 to 150 pounds.

Everyone wanted to try this Herbal Turtle Jelly for other health reasons. Since then Mr. Ng opened his first store called, "Hoi Tin Tong" in 1991 on Bowring Street in Jordan to facilitate the large growing demand of this Herbal Turtle Jelly.

Because Mr. Ng uses only the finest quality or raw ingredients in his Turtle Jelly, the price is HK$50 a bowl. Customers at first hesitated because of the price; however, after consuming the Turtle Jelly, they felt its worthiness and the benefits to their health. They gain confidence of the turtle jelly and returned for more with their friends.

As the demand of the Turtle Jelly grew in Hong Kong, Mr. Ng open a chain of retail stores in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, Macau and Mainland China. The market has then expanded to Taiwan and North America as well. Mr. Ng is still engaged in research about the medical effect of Herbal Jelly nowadays.

Since the opening of his first store in 1990 on Bowring Street, Mr. Ng has not raised the price of the Turtle Jelly because high volume purchasing of ingredients. He feels that everyone deserves to have good health benefits at an affordable price.

Today's Hoi Tin Tong has developed other products like: Herbal drink Series, Chinese Herbal Series and Chinese Herbal Gummy Series. All of our products are made of the finest genuine material in a set amount to fulfill our customer's needs.