Why does Hoi Tin Tong put a great emphasis on the use of fresh reproduced turtles as the main ingredient in producing Herbal Jelly?
Because fresh turtles have rich collagen, and this collagen is good for cleaning toxic out of the body and making people healthier and more strengthened.
Which people are suitable for taking Herbal Jelly?
Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly is natural and healthy food. Our herbal jelly is made of fresh turtles and fresh herbs. The effective ingredients can be absorbed by human body easily and this product is suitable for people of all types.
What is the difference between Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly and other detoxification products in the market?
Many products in the market are aperients or have some side effect, but Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly does not have this effect and is natural.
How often should I take Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly?
Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly is a natural health food that only has good effect on your body faculty. Therefore you can take it once a day or even twice.
Many people said that herbal jelly must be bitter if it is effective. Why Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly does not taste bitter?
Many herbal jellies in the Guang Dong Province are made of some bitter herbs, and these herbs may not be good to our health. Yet Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly is made of fresh turtles and fresh herbs, it is a gentle food and tastes good. Many children like it too.
What is the difference between serving Herbal Jelly cold and hot?
There is no difference between them, but if you serve it hot, the texture will be smoother and the herbal smell will be richer. Besides that, serving hot will be a nicer idea when one’s digestive function is not very good. Also, if you have sore throat and your throat is kind of dry, take one hot Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly will make you feel better.
What are the benefits of Herbal Jelly for men?
The functions of bodies of men may become worsen because of the pressure of work and other factors, smoking, alcohols taken for social purpose, unhealthy diet etc. Toxics are then stored up in the body and deteriorate the immunity system. Taking Hoi Tin Tong herbal jelly can egest toxics out and keep you healthy.
Many bosses feel pain in their arms and legs sometimes, can Herbal Jelly help them?
Their diets contain too much nutrition that may cause uric acid storing in their body, and this is the reason of the pain in their joints. Constantly taking Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly can decrease the fat level and egest the toxic out of the body. Many successful businessmen were working too hard when they were young. They have exchanged their wealth with their health, making their health worse and worst. Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly contains large amount of collagen from fresh turtles. It is very effective for cells repairing, improving and strengthening bodily function.
What are the benefits of Herbal Jelly for women?
Let us talk about young lady first; most of them have the spots on skin during the age of puberty. They may find there is no obvious result applying Spot-Free ointment in the market. HTT herbal jelly can also solve the bad breath problem too. As for the ladies in their middle age, some of them may look pale and peaky after labor, because they were lack of preserving. Take Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly frequently can egest the toxic out of their body, improve the circulation of blood and make them look better with shine. Fresh tortoise shell can provide plenty of collagen; the collagen can make one’s skin smoother and look brilliant.
Some women found they are hard to be asleep and sometimes even resulted to Insomnia, how to solve it?
According to the Chinese Medicine Doctors, Insomnia is caused by the ‘hot’ in the body, take a fresh cup of Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly can solve the problem and cool the ‘hot’ down.
Why children are suggested to take Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly?
Children like to eat Fried food and processed food. These food make the toxic accumulated in the body. To add with, children don’t like to drink herbal tea because of the taste. Taking Herbal Jelly can egest toxic, strengthen bodily function and improve metabolism. Moreover, fishes, spawns, vegetable contain many toxic nowadays. If children take these food all the time, their growth and health will be both affected. Taking Hoi Tin Tong Herbal Jelly frequently can help them egest toxic out of their bodies and make them grow healthily.
Why I saw some shops which also claimed themselves as Hoi Tin Tong also?
The founder of Hoi Tin Tong Mr Ng stated, “It’s a sad story. I had a relative which was lived in the same village as me. She wanted to be a franchisee of Hoi Tin Tong when she saw my business success, therefore I accepted. I haven’t registered my logo because I was busy and did not know the rule of game but she did it stealthily. After that, she sent me a letter through a lawyer and asked for half of my business. It is unreasonable and we then started the legal procedure. At last, the judge sentenced that she cannot use the Hoi Tin Tong logo, she can only use XXX Hoi Tin Tong. Here is my advise: I suggest all of you to register the logo or the brand name of your company before starting up your own business.
Why you use your figure to promote your brand?
The founder of Hoi Tin Tong Mr Ng said, “According to my experience about herbal jelly, I have full confidence about my products so I use my figure representing the brand. Of course, I still have some pressure in doing so because if our customers are not satisfied after they consumed our products, I might be hurt. Moreover, to ensure our customers benefit and because of point 16 mentioned above, I need to come out to differentiate our brand from other similar brands.”